Cookie and Privacy policy for Avid Media Ltd Advertisements

This policy covers the Avid Media domains '' and ''.

We are committed to privacy and support current industry initiatives to preserve individual privacy rights on the Internet. Protecting your privacy on-line is an evolving area and Avid Media sites and advertisements will constantly evolve to meet these demands.

Avid Media Ltd does not collect any personal data through our websites or advertisements


Avid Media Advertisements utilise "cookies". A "cookie" is a small text file that may be used, for example, to collect information about web site activity. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them.

Avid Media cookies

Avid Media advertisments use cookies for analytics and ad serving purposes only. We do not store personal data.

We use cookies to:

  • Collect information about how visitors interact with our advertisements.
  • Display relevant advertisements based on location.
  • Track which advertisments have been viewed and prevent repetition.

All Avid Media cookies are prefixed by one of the following:

  • adbrk
  • sprtnid

Third party cookies

In addition to Avid Media cookies, our advertisements use respected third party companies which use their own cookies to keep track of interactions. For example, we use the video player JWPLAYER to display video advertisements. The player uses cookies to track interaction with the video, for example, when a video is muted.

These third party cookies are prefixed with the following:

  • jwplayer

How to manage or refuse cookies

If you do not want your browser to accept cookies and use them in the ways described above it is possible to change your browser settings. It is also possible to delete existing cookies from your browser. However blocking all cookies will affect your web experience. Some cookies are designed to help save you time, for example, by remembering your contact details when you are completing a form, this means that you will not have to complete the section again unless your details have changed. The procedure for modifying your privacy preferences is different for each internet browser and we recommend you visit the following websites for further information on altering your cookie settings: