Avid Media The Native Content Consultancy

Using Data to drive Curation,
Creation and Distribution

Avid is a unique global native content service, enabling brands to consistently interact with their audiences through content that is more relevant and engaging to drive better business results.

By understanding how, what, when and where content is being consumed, Avid Media are able to advise clients on their content curation, creation and distribution.

Spartan is a native distribution platform Meta DSP

It provides a Single platform to access all premium native supply, leading DMP’s /data, brand safety, viewability and contextual providers.

Canopy is a Content Audit and Insights Platform

With unique access to publisher content data, Canopy technology helps brands identify topics and styles of content that will best connect them to their audiences and create the right impact.

Native is not a form of advertising - it is a form of distribution

Spartan automates the testing of all forms of native including short, long form and video with data led distribution.  Delivering high reach and precision with full transparency on performance to drive optimisation and learning.